Streaming Media

Matricom G-Box Q² Review: Entertainment Just Got Better

Just when you think television viewing and gaming experience can no longer get any better, this Matricom G-Box Q² review comes in. If there is a time to look at media streaming brilliance, this is it! Bringing in the latest in technology carefully wrapped in an Android’s loving embrace, the G-Box Q²’s … more

Smart TV

LG WebOs Smart TV Review: Is This The Right One For You?

When it comes to technological innovations in communication and entertainment, LG Electronics has always been one of the most notable powerhouses in the world. Delivering astounding renditions of innovative state-of-the-art smart televisions to fit the times, it allows a more intuitive entertainment experience that … more

Set Top Boxes

Dolamee Android TV Box Review: Small Box, Big Advantage

Want to turn your television viewing experience into something more responsive and intuitive without spending so much? The Dolamee Android TV Box is one of tough box you may want to consider. This super-mini media streaming box is the David among the hundreds of Goliaths in the smart entertainment business … more

Streaming Sticks

Chromecast vs Chromecast Audio: Which Suits Your Taste Best

The world of entertainment is constantly being bombarded with technological innovations that can make one’s head spin. If you are one of the many whose love for streaming goes unparalleled, finding what would best suit your preference between Chromecast vs Chromecast audio is definitely no walk in the park. There are … more

Game Consoles

Fire TV Gaming Edition: Bringing Gaming Pleasures Homes

Many people buy a gaming console like Xbox One or PS4 only to end up tired with its limitations. Luckily, Amazon found a new way to combine both the pleasure of state-of-the-art television viewing and gaming all in a single set-top box: the Fire TV Gaming Edition. The king of media streaming boxes, this one comes with … more